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What is Tucsac?

It is the 3.0 social network that rewards user interactions within it with our token: ¨TuCoin¨

Tucsac is the gateway for users to the world of blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies.


TUCSAC will be the leading social network in the crypto world.

Objectives: To be the gateway for users, companies and professionals who want to integrate into Internet 3.0, providing them with the ideal platform to: learn, launch projects, meet people, make themselves known and stay up-to-date with new technologies. Tucsac wants to shake hands with conventional businesses for their 3.0 digital transformation.


DAO expansion to the whole world.

An important pillar for Tucsac is the creation of a DAO for the community to vote on the direction that the platform and its projects will take. Tucsac has a project underway to expand and adopt DAOs worldwide. We will make its implementation very attractive in: companies, businesses, communities and in any type of project.


Tucsac integrates its own NFTs to benefit users.

The owners of the NFT obtain benefits within the social network and in external projects: Training courses, greater obtaining of tokens, exclusive NFT games, events, whitelist, raffles, verified profiles, etc...

Buy NFTs


Tucsac intends to create the largest marketplace for products, services and nfts.

Professional providers will sell their products and/or services to users in exchange for cryptocurrencies. In the same way, users will be able to resell their used products. There will also be an exclusive marketplace for the NFTs of projects hosted in Tucsac.


A world full of utilities and benefits.

Tucsac will create a metaverse where: users will live new experiences, interact from the real world in the virtual network, develop professional functions and obtain benefits for it. Tucsac works to implement businesses within the metaverse, to favor businesses obtaining other benefits, customers obtaining greater interaction and generating new jobs.


User data is the most valuable in today's society.

Tucsac does not request data, neither relevant nor sensitive, from its users. It only stores your emails. Therefore, Tucsac will not profit from user data.


A new future full of possibilities in the blockchain.

Q1 - 2022

- * Launch of the social network.
- * Marketing.
- * Android app launch.
- * Sale of NFT Seed.
- * Training Academy.
- * Creation of the largest NFT banner on the internet.
- Integration 3.0.
- Launch of the app for IOS.
- Market Demo.
- Tucoin private sale.
- NFT games.
- Shuttle Podcast.

Q2 - 2022

Pre sale TuCoin.
TuCoin public sale.
Face-to-face events.
Streaming platform.
eSports team.
Official NFT Sale.

Q3 - 2022

Project shuttle.
Tucsac Foundation.

Q4 - 2022

Tucsac Festival

Download the App

Download the social network on your device for better interaction and convenience.

What is TuCoin?

TuCoin is the main token of the Tucsac ecosystem

This token will offer different utilities within the platform for users and serves as a reward for them. Companies and projects will be able to promote themselves within Tucsac with advertising campaigns paid with TuCoin.


The token will be essential for voting in the DAO and deciding which direction the platform will take.


With our project, TuCoin seeks to become a benchmark in the crypto world.

Buy & Sale

You will be able to buy and sell the token on Pancakeswap.


Nft games, raffles, marketplace, training, events, promotions, staking, metaverse, are some of the utilities that the token will have.


BEP-20 in the BSC
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 TCN

Team - 10%

12-month vesting, then 0.277% monthly.

Treasury - 26%

In the creation of the DAO it will be managed by it.

Rewards - 46%

With minimum withdrawal amount.

Private sale - 10%

12-month vesting, then a monthly 0.375

Public pre-sale - 5%

12-month vesting, then a monthly 0.375

Public sale - 3%

No vest


The team of people who are part of the Tucsac project.

David Girol

CEO & Founder

Antonio Beres

CMO and Copywriter

Donaldo Diaz

Financial Director

Carlos Serna

Blockchain Engineer

Facundo Ponce

Graphic designer

Daniel Londono

Smart Contract Developer

Steven Rodriguez

Blockchain Dapps Developer

Romner Bracho



NFT game development

Soledad Garcia

User Support


Here you will find the latest news about Tucsac.

Frequent questions

Interacting on the social network will give you a series of points that are equivalent to the change in TuCoin. Commenting, posting, reacting, referrals and followers are some of the interactions that offer rewards.

We currently have a team available to create personalized advertising campaigns, in the most optimal way to get the most out of your project. Contact us at

Currently TuCoin is not listed for Public sale, if you want to access private purchase, contact us at:

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Get in touch with us for any question, promotion or collaboration.